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Wedgie Accessories

Wedgie Accessories

Wedgie is an American Company specialising in accessories for all musicians the Wedgie picks are a favourite for all guitarists that are looking for a plectrum that they can rely on. Being constructed with a thumb indentation and textured finishes they give the player the confidence that it won’t fall out of the fingers during that all important killer riff.

The line includes, cable management systems drum keys, Cymbal washers and drumstick anti shock products along with pick holders for the guitar and Bass and multiple Microphone stand holders.

Wedgie Delrin Picks

The special Delrin blend ensures a clean sound and snappy release. Wedgie Delrin EX Picks are your same favorite pick but evolved to have a better feel and less slip. Wedgie Delrin Ex Picks are available in standard color/thickness combinations just like Fender or Dunlop, so you can just pick your favorite color and play. These durable picks will take whatever you can throw at them.

Wedgie Clear Picks

Made from a premium blend of polycarbonate for durability and playability, Wedgie Clear XL's come in vivid translucent colors that sound as good as they look. Same material as the Fender California Clears and Dunlop Gels, but Wedgie Clear XL's add our evolutionary design that will make your playing really take off. Sink your strings into these picks and be impressed.

Wedgie Rubber Picks

A revolutionary new sound for your acoustic or classical guitar. The special elastomer material nearly eliminates pick noise, leaving you with clean warm tones. This pick sounds like your fingers, yet plays like a pick. Rubbers come in 2 thicknesses and 3 levels of stiffness (Soft, Medium, Hard) so that you can find your perfect sound. These picks provide the sound and feel that felt picks could never reach. Wedgie Rubber picks are just outstanding.

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