Maurice J. Summerfield, for many years from 1984, actively promoted concerts (including an annual classical guitar series at the Wigmore Hall in London) which featured, for their first appearance in the UK, many important guitarists including David Russell, Elliot Fisk, David Starobin, Jorge Morel, Jorge Cardoso, Roberto Aussel, Robert Brightmore, John Mills, Maria Isabel Siewers, Emanuele Segre, Juan Martin, Paul Galbraith and Neil Smith.  From 1991 he also helped organize the first twenty annual international classical guitar festivals at West Dean in West Sussex.

Maurice J.Summerfield also promoted concerts, seminars and clinics in the UK by many famous jazz guitarists including Barney Kessel, Joe Pass, Herb Ellis, Tal Farlow, Charlie Byrd, Martin Taylor, Ike Isaacs and by guitarists from other fields of music including classical, flamenco, ragtime and blues.