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Peyton Parker

With a unique voice and an easy charm, Peyton Parker knew what she wanted to be at a young age and is quickly establishing herself as a rising pop country singer/songwriter. Visit Website

Kyle Gass - Tenacious D

Kyle Gass (KG) is part of the legendary acoustic duo of Tenacious D, which is comprises of Jack Black and himself. They are most known for their song "Tribute" which achieved top 10 status. KG also co-stars with Jack Black in the movie: "Tenacious D: In the Pick of Destiny", which has achieved a huge cult following. KG also brings his unique style of music to his other band "Trainwreck", which recently released their debut Album "The Wreckoning". Visit Website

Steve Stevens

Steve Stevens is an American guitarist and songwriter. He is best known for playing guitar for Billy Idol, Michael Jackson, and Vince Neil. He also has critically acclaimed solo efforts (Atomic Playboys and Flamenco A Go-Go), collaborations (Bozzio Levin Stevens, a.k.a. Black Light Syndrome), and is an in-demand session guitarist. As a musician, he is widely regarded for his versatility across a number of musical genres and his explosive, dexterous and textural style. In addition to playing guitar for other artists, you may recognize him as a television personality on the E! show Married to Rock, alongside his wife, Josie Stevens.

Steve has been using our guitar picks for several years and uses our custom white delrin picks. Visit Website

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