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Frank Anthony “Tony” Iommi (born February 19, 1948) is a guitarist from Birmingham, England, who is best known as a member of the heavy metal band Black Sabbath. Though Ozzy Osbourne may have been the most visible member of Black Sabbath, it was Iommi who wrote nearly all the band’s music and led the band in terms of musical direction. Visit Website


Allan Holdsworth is widely regarded by fans and contemporary musicians as one of the 20th century’s most prominent guitarists. He is one of a handful of musicians who has consistently proven himself as an innovator in-between, and within, the worlds of Rock and Jazz music. Many of music’s best-known instrumental masters cite Holdsworth as that rare and shining voice—a legendary player who continues to push the outer limits of instrumental technique and the electric guitar’s range of tonal and textural possibilities. Particularly during the 90s, Holdsworth has enjoyed the recognition so many musicians strongly feel he deserves, given that he has developed his career outside the big label mainstream and has consistently produced his own recordings with complete creative control since the mid-80s. Visit Website


To some fortunate musicians, it is given to rise to the peak of a musical art form; to some very few musicians, it is given to originate an art form. The Romeros have achieved both. Visit Website

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New 760T White Nylon Tape Wound Bass Set and 750N Light Gauge!

labella 760t white nylon tape wound

Newburgh, NY – As the innovators of the Black Nylon Tape Wound bass set, La Bella introduces the 760T White Nylon Tape Wound set. Unlike the classic 760N set, the 760T White Nylon Tape Wound set is made with a transparent nylon wrapped over stainless steel underlays. The result is a brighter sound and even smoother finish, allowing players to effortlessly glide from note to note. The 760T set is extremely versatile and can be used for electric, fretless and acoustic basses.

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La Bella Artist EVA BENEKE Releases Christmas Album


German-born La Bella classical guitarist EVA BENEKE assembled a fantastic group of musicians including Grammy-winner Scott Tennant and arranger Mark Small. Beneke recorded the entire album on a 1952 Hauser. The album features guitar solos, guitar duos and several chamber pieces arranged for guitar, cello, violin and oboe/English horn. In addition to traditional German and English Christmas songs the CD includes holiday music by Bach, Haendel, Holst, Schubert and more. Beneke records the entire album with her favorite ARGENTO PURE SILVER HAND POLISHED set.